Safe from Ukraine!

Today I am going to tell you a story. A story about how war destroys everything! It will be a long story.It all started on 24th of February, when Russia began their invasion of Ukraine. We were all terrified to hear such news that morning. I immediately contacted Lana, a befriended breeder, who lives in Kiev. At the beginning she decided to exit the city and go wait in her allotment, thinking that Kiev would be subjected to lots of bombing… unfortunately it turned out to have been a bad decision… The area where she ran with her dogs was massively under attack, she could see tanks and helicopters all the time, dogs terrified due to explosions. At some point we lost contact with her… for two weeks none of us, her friends, heard anything from her! Finally, somehow she managed to get back to Kiev…A few days ago I brought these two beautiful creatures to my home. Those girls travelled all the way from Kiev. First they had to be transported to Lviv, where it was relatively safe for us to pick them up and we brought them here. We also picked up two other whippets who went further to Germany to stay with good people.Lana, their owner, made the most difficult decision she could make – she decided to send her beloved dogs away to make sure they stay alive! She let the dogs leave her home, her life … I can’t imagine how she feels now that the dogs are not with her. These dogs and breeding are her whole life! We offered Lana to come stay with us numerous times, but she decided to stay in her country – a difficult decision, but I respect that. Lana, I promise you that Dara and Safi will be safe and I’ll do my best to keep their bowl always full!The bitches came to us scared and very skinny – they didn’t eat a single meal for the first two weeks of war!. They entered our house with uncertainty. Today, after a few days, I can say that their eyes are full of love and they are thirsty for cuddles and food all the time. They certainly get a lot of those in our home.I hope the war will end at last, everyone suffers in it – people and animals!Today I would like to thank all those who helped us bring these sweet whippets to safety. Thank you for everything to those who helped: Tina, Magdalena, Kasia, Svetlana, Cordelia and all those who support Ukraine! Lana – please be safe !


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