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New dog & new color in Foxpolis kennel

💙 With huge pleasure we are welcoming Alluring Dream Big Bro for Foxpolis (Sire: Almawhip Natural Mystic, Dam: Intriga’S Olympia) in our Foxpolis family!
He comes from Ukraine 🇺🇦 , is bred by Lana Yurinskaya and in my opinion is one of the most beautiful dogs in solid blue color that I’ve ever seen. Massive congratulations to Lana for your outstanding breeding, great job! Thank you so much for your trust in me.
✳️ The decision to bring Pluto (that is his home name) into our Foxpolis family was really quick – the moment I saw a picture of him at the age of 9 weeks, my heart was beating faster and I knew instantly he needed to be a part of my family.
His pedigree on both parents sides has many dogs (from Norway, Sweden, The UK, Italy, Latvia and Russia) that I like and appreciate therefore I’m so happy to have him.
Pluto lives with our friends in a house nearby. We will have lots of opportunities to go for walks, play together and be a part of his development.
ℹ️ His pedigree.

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