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Whippet Club Show in Czech Republic

⭐ Wow! What an amazing weekend in Czech Republic!
Two days during the 30th Anniversary Club Shows Whippet & Greyhoundy at Konopiste:

Judge Arnaldo Cotungo (breed specialist – Sobresalto kennel)
➡️ Aaniston Isabella Fiorella Foxpolis – vp 2/4

Judge Fausto Cavalieri (Ombra della Sera)
⏩ PL J CH Foxpolis ESQUEL – ex 2/14 res.CAC

Judge Fauso Cavalieri
➡️ Aaniston Isabella Fiorella Foxpolis – vp 2/5

Judge Arnaldo Cotugno (breed specialist – Sobresalto kennel)
⏩ PL J CH Foxpolis ESQUEL – ex 1/20, CAC

⭐ Esquel started his Czech Championship (just a week ago he started his Polish Championship). As a breeder I am incredibly happy about that and sooooo proud.
Thank you to everyone involved ðŸŒ»
Biggest thanks to Anna, for everything – photos, videos, company and always being in good mood ðŸ˜˜ðŸ˜Š

📸 – graphics for breeders – thank you ðŸ’š

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