Happy New Year!

⭐ The year 2021 was an extraordinary year in soooo many ways. This is another year in a pandemic, a time of changes, a time of a reflection. But now I think it’s time for a short summary:

In 2021:

➡️ we had 1 litter of french bulldogs (“I”) and 1 litter of whippets (“J”)

➡️ 3 new whippets joined our family – 2 imported (Southpoint Kilian Foxpolis & Alluring Dream Big Bro for Foxpolis) and 1 bred (Foxpolis Jamaica)

➡️ we won 1 new youth champion (Mila Moja Frodo)

➡️ we won 5 new championships of our dogs (Foxpolis ESQUEL, Mila Moja Frodo & Aaniston Isabella Fiorella Foxpolis)

➡️ we won 1 grand champion (Foxpolis ESQUEL)

➡️ 3 of our dogs started the title of Interchampion (Foxpolis ESQUEL, Mila Moja Frodo & Aaniston Isabella Fiorella Foxpolis)

Moreover, we have further show and breeding plans and we are entering the new year hoping that it will be better than the previous one.Professionally / photographically / I plan several foreign destinations for the next year as well as several Polish towns that I plan to visit. Gdańsk will definitely be on my list in early spring. I will inform you about my further travel plans in the near future.

I wish all my relatives and friends that their own dreams come true in 2022! ⭐🍾🥂

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