Meeting E litter

⭐️ Yesterday was amazing‼ ️ ️
➡️ Something magical happened in the Citadel Park in Poznań! Six of nine whippet puppies from litter E and their mother Comee came together to have a meeting.
Beloved, thank you so much for coming, you are the best families in the world (just like the other absent whippets and bulldogs families ). I was delighted to see how the little ones are developing, all of them are beautiful and loved ️️

All of you asked me to organise another meeting like that – it just melted my heart! I will be more than happy to meet you and other famielies again!

P.S. My three whippets, when we got back home that day, slept until the morning.
We came home totally exhausted – some of us had little cuts here and there, and some of us peed all over themselves and others 😉 – but it was SO worth it! I will propably repeat myself here, but you are GREAT‼ ️  

Esquel, Agat (El Paso), Everest, Ericeira & Ejlat
Ericeira & Ejlat
Ericeira, Ejlat, Agat (El Paso) & Esquel

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