We are waiting for “L” litter

I am incredibly happy to introduce my newest whippet litter (“L”) under Foxpolis FCI name. 

Proud parents are: C.I.B., NL JCH, DE JCH (VDH), NL CH Crème Anglaise’s Pancetta and  UA JCH, UA GR JCH, UA CH, MK CH Alluring Dream Adara.

When Dara came to live with us, I knew instantly that she was an extraordinary bitch. She is a very sensitive female who loves being around people. Especially those ones who she’s got an emotional attachment with. She definitely prefers to run free together with other whippets rather than on the leash during a dog show.

She loves to run with frisbee and is a very task-oriented bitch focused on working with people. Dara is doing great at dog shows. She is Junior Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine, Grand Champion of Ukraine and Champion of Macedonia. She needs the last CACIB to get her C.I.B. title – which we will try to finish at autumn this year.

At home Dara loves to eat. Because of that I knew right away that she was pregnant because she had lost all desire to eat. The ultrasound confirmed my guesses. Dara is healthy bitch and her hearts and eyes tests gave very good results. I will always be grateful to Lana for her.

When planning her litter I chose a stud dog, that has been on my mind and in my heart for ages (since I have whippets). I chose a beautiful Dutch dog from Crème Anglaise’s who I’ve been observing for years. Chap has many features that I particularly like and appreciate. Above that he has a very sound movement with very good up&down. Chap has been awarded all over the world. He is International Beauty Champion, Dutch Junior Champion, German Junior Champion (VDH), Dutch Champion. He also was reserve CACIB, reserve CAC during Word Dog Show in Amsterdam 2018 and Amsterdam Winner 2018. He is a healthy dog with good heart and eyes tests results. His parents are: Meis, a beautiful bitch from Crème Anglaise’s and Pan, who came to Europe from South Africa. Pan is one of the most titled dogs in Europe. His achievements include: World Winner 2015, INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION, South African Champion, Dutch Champion, Danish Champion, UK/English Champion, European Winner 2018, Polish Champion, res BIS Europasieger 2015, res CC Crufts 2015 and res CC Crufts 2017, BIS Donaueschingen 2015, Res BIS Euro Sighthound 2015.

This is why I am not afraid to say that mating of Dara and Chap is my dream coming true. I strongly believe that this mating will bring us healthy puppies with wonderful characters. Assuming that the babies will be as pretty as their parents are, I think we have a high chance to have few puppies that will do amazing during dog shows 🙂

I would like to thank with all my heart to wonderful Roosmarie and Mark for the possibility to use Chap for this mating. Thank you also for your patience, wonderful hospitality and many great conversations about dogs and more. The biggest thanks go to Lana – by coincidence and war, Dara is with me. I know you miss her, but I believe that this bloodline of dogs will come back to you!! Thank you to everyone involved, without whom this whole process wouldn’t be possible – especially my family: my husband and children for their patience.

Puppies will be born in the middle of July ’22, so please contact me if you are seriously interested.

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