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We are waiting for puppies !!

I would like to share some great news with you. I am incredible happy, beaceuse in mid-May, a new spring litter “N” will appear in our Foxpolis kennel. Special thanks to my husband Paweł. This litter is thanks to him!

Our lovely Aisha (Ch Aisha for Foxpolis Taavetti) will become a mother for the second time, and my bred Eski (C.I.B. Foxpolis ESQUEL) will become a father.

When Aisha came to us as a few-month-old puppy, I knew that I would like to pair her with Eski in the future. Watching Aisha grow up, I became more and more convinced that this is a good idea.

I hope that the combination of these two will give us brave puppies with very nice whippet shapes and correct exterior. I expect that the puppies will be active, cheerful and very focused on people.

Eski is a dog of very correct build. In the descriptions, the judges often appreciated his top line, body balance and movement on both sides: in a circle and up&down, which in my opinion is his very strong point. The judges also very often mentioned that Eski is an extremely elegant male, and it is impossible to disagree with this.

Eski is a very balanced male, he likes to play frisbee and loves being chased by other whippets. At home, is the biggest cuddler who needs to be hugged often.

Aisha is a very beautiful bitch. Her lines are very smooth and pretty. Aisha is judged at shows as well as Eski. She needs only one last CAC to finish her Polish Championship. She has also started Interchampionship (C.I.B.). We are planning to go back to show her after she’s had her puppies. Aisha is a bitch that on one hand is very individual and on the other she loves taking care of the rest of the dogs in our herd. She loves all puppies, not only her own, and likes to take care of them. Aisha is an extremely fast runner, probably the fastest one in my home. And of course, she loves to run, mostly catching a frisbee on the move.

Feel free to contact seriously interested breeders and future owners.

We are located in Piła, Poland.