This year has been very special and kind to me! A year of change! Change for good!
This year I found out how many fake friends there were around me. This year taught me that there is no true friendship in cynology. It was a valuable life lesson that at the end of the day one can only rely on oneself –  for which I am grateful today!
So I am closing this year with fewer “friends” than when I started it.
I am also closing this year with almost 20kg less in weight! I’m very proud of it! I would like to thank my daughter Paulina for helping me with this achievement!
This year I ticked off some of my dreams from my bucket list which makes me very happy!
Today I think differently, I see differently, I have different priorities than a year ago.
I am entering the New Year full of hope for more changes! And the changes are coming! I can feel them already!
I wish you all a Happy New Year!
Special wishes to my brothers and friends in Ukraine! May this year bring peace all over the world! 

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