CACIB dog show in Poznan

CACIB Poznań /06.11.2022/ – 77 whippets

Honorable judge: Saija Juutilainen (FIN)

Our portugese boy Southpoint Kilian Foxpolis won intermediate class with CAC, Best Adult Dog, CACIB and finaly BOS !!!

I’m very very happy and proud of both of us

Also my wonderful bred dog Foxpolis Esquel was excellent, 2/4 in the champion class, but in my eyes he is a winner. Just look at him! Isn’t he amazing?

Thank you Joanna Bąk for this unique shot of his movemant! Such a up&down does not happen often, and yet you capture it so perfectly – you are brilliant! I was also touched by how much Eski remembers you, how happy he was at you – the bond with the dog is special, isn’t it?

I would also like to thank Zuzia Koniecko for the only shot of the whippet you took on Sunday. I feel honored that it was Eski

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