Litter “M” in Foxpolis kennel

⭐️ It’s about time I share with you wonderful news!! We’ve got new “M” litter at Foxpolis.The parents are: J Ch Southpoint Kilian Foxpolis & Ch Aaniston Isabella Fiorella Foxpolis.

Bella came to our home from Sweden and she’s a bitch from a long-lasting kennel with traditions. Her breeder Mia Winroth has a massive knowledge and many, many years of experience. Undoubtedly it is one of the most important whippet kennels in the world! Thank you Mia for trusting me with this beautiful girl

Bella is a bith born from two portuguese parents from kennel da Roseria Brava. She’s very cheerful and her tail is always moving. Above all she’s a beautiful representation of the whippet race with extraordinary movements. At home she’s very caring, attentive and in need of human contact.Bella is also healthy: her heart and eyes have been checked together with a whole pack of DNA tests (MyDogDNA).

The father of this litter is our portugese Glucio ( Southpoint Kilian Foxpolis). I’m not going to lie – he is a very special dog for me and I will be forever grateful to his breeder Luis, that he allowed me to bring Gucio into our home. This dog, being a representation of whippet race, is a perfection to me, combining an extraordinary exterior with very effective and harmonic moves. Also his pedigree is very precious. His mother is gorgeous Molly, and father Pan, who came to Europe from South Africa. Pan is one of the most titled dog in Europe. “M” is my second litter with Pan being the grandfather.

Glucio is of course a healthy dog with his eyes and heart checked and with the whole DNA panel done (MyDogDNA).I’m not afraid to admit that combining Bella and Glutek is very special to me and I believe that all the puppies will do amazing things in the future!

Bella gave birth to 10 healthy puppies (5 males & 5 females). All of the babies are fawn from light fawn to red and they look like little clones.

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