Our dogs in Lithuania !

WOW! What a weekend!

3 x CACIB in Kaunas, Lithuania

My bred male Foxpolis ESQUEL – excellent every day, and on the second day (53 whippets) with the honorable judge from Ireland – Cathy Delmar he was 1/4 in Champion Class, he won CAC & CACIB and became the new


I don’t know why I didn’t write about it earlier, but Eski has been INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY CHAMPION (C.I.B.) for some time now. And now he has added another CACIB to his achievements.

I am incredibly proud of my tiger!

Another great news from 3 x CACIB in Kaunas, Lithuania

My portugese boy Southpoint Kilian Foxpolis – won intermediate class under honorable judge, bred specialist Monika Mikuliene (Romantika kennel) and became the new


He is bred by Luis Graça and I will always greatful for this special boy

Congratulations to the other winners! It was a fantastic trip. It was incredibly nice to meet so many wonderful people and be able to talk in person, not just via FB

There were a lot of dogs from Poland at the show – congratulations for your great results! It was very nice to see that we have such beautiful whippets!

Thank you Magda for this lovely picture and for your company during all this weekend. I have a lot of fun with you.

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