Waiting for puppies!

⭐️ Very soon our house will welcome french bulldog puppies. We are looking forward to this moment, especially that our kennel's last litter was in 2018. Our entire family cannot wait for those tiny cuties to be in our life again! You can see some pictures of the pregnant Aruba and Rinnie ❤️

Pediatric cynology

⭐️ Two weeks ago I've compleated a training course in pediatric cynology. It was AMAZING day !✅ Thank you Vital-vet Artur Maślak for a huge dose of knowledge!✅ Thank you Magdalena and Anna for the wonderful organization!❤️ I can't wait for the next one.

Aruba & Kojac

⭐️ We want to present the announcement of our next litter of French Bulldogs, which will be born before Easter. Parents are:💙 Sire: Kojac (KOJAC Motobule)❤️ Dam: Aruba (Foxpolis ARUBA)Aruba will be mommy for the very first time, so we are very exited about that and can't wait for the puppies 🥰

Rinnie & Ishi

⭐️ We proudly present the announcement of our litter of French Bulldogs, which will be born before Easter. Parents are:💙 Sire: Ishi (Ishmael Beauty Bully)❤️ Dam: Rinnie (Rinnie Rihanna de Miranko)Thank you Teresa for the opportunity to use beautiful Ishi 🥰⏩ Graphics made by mePedigree

Graphics for breeders

As you know I am a breeder and a photographer who is also closely associated with the canine industry. Therefore I have decided to expand my field of work and I am now offering creating graphics for breeders. If you need a litter announcement, dog presentation, a background picture, anything to showcase your dogs you're welcome to get in touch with me. Please see below some of the graphics I...

Summary of the year 2019

⭐️ It was a very good year! 🏠 Everything is great in private life - a healthy, happy and full of sucsesses family. 📸 In my professional life - a new photo studio and company development, started my veterinary education. 🐾 In my breeding life - all puppies from the last two litters went around the world to the best homes. 🔹 Everest became the Polish Junior Champion, Polish Winner...